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Unique luxury holidays in Sri Lanka

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Holidaymakers seek an unforgettable vacation experience together with their loved ones. With this in mind, holiday providers all over the world offer a multitude of options for you to choose from. It can be a unique kind of holiday which you would not necessarily have considered to be that “perfect vacation”. Sri Lanka is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world and offers a diverse range of holidays starting from its beaches to its wilderness. However, nestled in the central highlands of the country is a mystical paradise; remaining pristine and pure. This is where the famed Ceylon tea is grown – a proud colonial legacy. The highlands have the perfect climate to grow many varieties of fruits and vegetables and remains the ideal place for tea tasting. This is also where you will discover the world’s first Tea Resort.

Ceylon Tea Trails is Sri Lanka’s first Relais & Chateaux resort, a member of an exclusive collection of 500 of the finest hotels and gourmet restaurants in 60 countries. It is located on the island’s most exquisite tea region, bordering the World Heritage Central Highlands. The Resort contains four luxury bungalows once lived in by tea planters of the colonial era. Each bungalow has its own unique ambience and design, and comes with your personal butler and a chef. Here at the Tea Resort, you will be treated to the finest dining experience with traditional Sri Lankan flavours and Western cuisines. The food is freshly sourced from local farmers, while the wines come from the most prestigious producers in the world.

This is your chance to experience another dimension to luxury holidays in Sri Lanka, where you can indulge in the comforts, sights and ultimate opulence of a unique concept. Travel to Horton Plains National Park, explore the sacred city of Kandy, conquer the summit of Adam’s Peak and play golf at Nuwara Eliya’s 117-year old 18-hole championship golf course. Rejuvenate and relax with spa treatments and luxury baths in the privacy and comfort of your room. Follow the journey of tea leaves from its fields to its refreshing finished product at the tea factory. You will be surrounded by rolling hills, lush green valleys and sparkling waterfalls. There is no end to the delights you will discover with a holiday revolved around the taste and aroma of pure invigoration.

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Discover authentic Ayurveda in Sri Lanka

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Ayurveda is one of the oldest known medical systems in the world. Originating in the Indian subcontinent, Ayurveda is translated as life-knowledge and is famous for being a holistic tradition of healing, which pays equal attention to physical and mental well-being. It is a revered practice in South Asia, especially in India and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka’s proximity to India has strongly influenced an established Ayurvedic tradition in the country. Sri Lanka also has a ministry for indigenous medicine to regulate and improve this age-old medical system. Apart from general practice of Ayurveda in Sri Lanka, you also find exclusive hotels and resorts in the country which are Ayurveda themed. The hotels provide relaxation and comfort while administering treatments to guests.

The Privilege is one such exceptionally standardised Ayurveda resort in Sri Lanka dedicated to providing authentic Ayurveda treatments to guests. The chief consultant of the hotel, Dr. Alawattegama is a well-known professional Ayurveda physician who comes from a long line of Ayurveda doctors. The Privilege is an ocean-front luxury resort, located in a peaceful and exquisite environment. All cuisines at the resort are prepared from fresh organic produce sourced through local farmers. Some of it is grown in the fertilizer-free grounds of the Privilege complex itself, and freshly-caught fish come from the ocean few metres away. The concept of an Ayurveda holiday is brought to life by the Privilege quite responsibly – even the architecture and room décor are designed in line with a serene ambience. The colonial mansion which houses the hotel contributes to this grand philosophy.

Ancient sciences of well-being focus on a person’s overall health. Just like Ayurveda, yoga is also a cardinal life science that is highly regarded. It is an effective practice, which helps maintain the balance of mind and body. At the Privilege, you are also treated to yoga lessons in an effort to create an all-encompassing Ayurveda resort in Sri Lanka. Heal your body, mind and soul by unravelling the best-preserved knowledge, art and sciences of the East.

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Kandy Perahera commences on Aug. 10

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By J.A.L. Jayasinghe

The Kandy  Esala Perahera will commence on August 10 with the four Devalas as important cornerstones.

The first “Kumbal Perahera” will parade the streets on August 15 at 7.30 p.m. along Dalada Veediya, entering D.S. Senanayake Veediya turning from Queens Hotel on to Temple Road, Colombo Veediya, Yatiyana Veediya and Queens Veediya and would enter the temple of the sacred tooth relic.  The second Kumbal Perahera on August 16 will parade through Dalada Veediya, D.S. Senanayake Veediya and Rajina Veediya and enter the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. The third Kumbal Perahera on August 17 will parade Dalada Veediya, D.S. Senanayake Veediya, Colombo Veediya, Kotugodella Veediya and Rajina Veediya and enter the temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic.

The fourth Kumbal Perahera on August 18 will leave the Temple of the Tooth Relic and parade through Dalada Veediya, Kotugodella Veediya and through Raja Veediya and enter the Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic.

The fifth Kumbal Perahera on August 19 will parade Dalada Veediya, Wewa Addara Veediya, Yatinuwara Veediya, Raja Veediya and enter the Sacred Temple of the Tooth Relic.

The first Randoli Perahera will commence on  August 20 and parade Dalada Veediya, D.S. Senanayake Veediya, Pansala Veediya, Deva Veediya, Colombo Veediya, Kotugodella Veediya, Haras Veediya, D.S. Senanayake Veediya and Raja Veediya and enter the temple of the Tooth Relic.

The second Randoli Perahera on August 21 will parade Dalada Veediya, D.S. Senanayake Veediya, Colombo Veediya, Yatinuwara Veediya and proceed along Raja Veediya and would enter the Temple of the Tooth Relic.

The third Randoli on August 22 will Parade Dalada Veediya, Kotugodella Veediya, Colombo, Yatinuwara Veediya, Kumara Veediya, Haras Veediya, D.S. Senanayake Veediya and along Raja Veediya and enter the temple of the Tooth Relic.

The fourth Randoli Perahera on  August 23 will Parade Dalada Veediya, Yatinuwara Veediya, Haras Veediya, Kotugodella Veediya, D.S. Senanayake Veediya and along Raja Veediya and enter the temple of the Tooth Relic.

The final Parade of the Randoli Perahera on  August 24 will parade Dalada Veediya, D.S. Senanayake Veediya and along Raja Veediya  and enter the Temple of the Tooth Relic.

With the Day Perahera on  August 25, the Dalada Perahera will be concluded.

The Day Perahera will parade through Dalada Veediya, Kotugodella Veediya, Kande Veediya, D.S. Senanayake Veediya, Pansala Paara, Deva Veediya and Raja Veediya and enter the temple of the Tooth Relic.

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Peradeniya-Katugastota Urban Railway on the Way

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The Ceylon Government Railway (CGR) is taking steps to come to the rescue of the harassed road commuters of Kandy who spend hours in buses, vans and cars during rush hours to travel a few miles. CGR wants to provide an urban rapid transit train service initially between Peradeniya and Kandy with provision to extend the system to Katugastota, Gampola and Kadugannawa depending on public demand for the service. A report on Kandy traffic congestion that the Kandy-based think tank Global Vision prepared with the assistance of The Asia Foundation made such a recommendation to the government last year. The researchers who based their recommendation partly on extensive public consultation of various stakeholders concluded that improvement of public transport was the most efficient and equitable solution to the Kandy traffic problem and that a commuter railway should be the top priority.

Director (Planning) of CGR Mr. S W Munasinghe told The Kandy News said that as a first step CGR is replacing the antiquated manually operated signals with colour lights on the track from Gampola to Katugastota and Peradeniya Junction to Kadugannawa. The Gelioya railway station has been rehabilitated and Pilimatalawa will be the next. The several bridges on the track are also being rehabilitated.

The Operations Manager of CGR Mr. G R P Chandrathilaka told The Kandy News that the longer term plan was to have parallel railway lines from Gampola to Kadugannawa and Gampola to Katugastota. The treasury has released funds for stage one of this project to construct a parallel line between Kandy and Peradeniya. The work is being held up by delay in acquiring lands along Gopallawa Mawatha on the northern side of the railway track currently occupied by private individuals. Almost all of it is railway land and the occupants have no legal claims to it. CGR is taking legal action to compel them to vacate but the legal process is protracted.

The Deputy Director General of the UDA Mrs. Janaki Hettiarachchi who is assisting the CGR says that there are about one hundred households that are affected. Some are willing to move their houses back to provide the required land for the new track and another group is willing to relocate if an equally good location could be found.


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