The Botanical garden of Peradeniya – a must see place when you visit in Kandy Sri Lanka

Nature lovers who visit Kandy Sri Lanka are advised to visit the Peradeniya botanical garden which is situated in the hill capital, about 5 km to the west of the city center at Peradeniya. When you visit Sri Lanka you will find that the botanical garden provides spectacles of extraordinary beauty and is sure to absorb the interest of nature lovers as well as casual visitors. When you visit Sri Lanka you will find that the place is a popular attraction for locals as well since the extensive lawns of the garden boasts of a variety of flora from all over the world.





The Hindagala Temple




When you visit Kandy Sri Lanka you will find that Hindagala temple is picturesquely situated on a rock close to the University Campus at Peradeniya along the Galaha Road. When you visit Kandy Sri Lanka you will find that the rock inscriptions found at the temple dates back to the 6th century. When you visit Kandy Sri Lanka you will find that among the ruined temple paintings of the 6th century one can observe paintings on the walls of the temple belonging to different periods of recent history.

Kandy Lake





A lovely centerpiece to the town. Kandy Lake was created in 1807 by Sri Wickrama Rajasinha, the last ruler of the kingdom of Kandy. Several small-scale local chiefs, who protested because their people objected to labouring on the project, were put to death at stakes in the lake bed. The island in the centre was used as Sri Wickrama Rajsinha’s personal harem, to which he crossed on a barge. Later the Birtish used it as an ammunition store and added the fortress style parapet around the perimeter of the lake. On the south shore, in fornt of the Malwatte Vihara, there’s a circular enclosure which is the monk’s bathouse.

Dalada Maligawa (Temple of the sacred Tooth Relic)



Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy is the most venerated place of worship for Buddhists throughout the world. Built in the 16th century this temple houses the sacred Tooth Relic of the Buddha brought to Sri Lanka from the Kalinga province in ancient India in the 4th century AD. Several buildings have been added to the temple complex by successive rulers, the latest being the Golden Canopy over the inner shrine where the Tooth Relic is placed. Originally the Temple was within the King’s palace complex as it was the symbol of Royal Authority.

Kandy Museum

The latest institution added to the Dalada Shrine is the `Sri Dalada Museum’. Ever since the Tooth Relic shrine was established in Kandy, different grades of visitors and devotees, ranging from the Roylty and Heads of States to the poorest of the general public, have been offering various gifts to the Sacred Tooth Relic, and these were preciously protected in specially built store-rooms by the successive line of Diyawadana Nilames. THE DALADA MUSEUM is located on the first and the second floors of the new wing called the Alut Maligawa set up by one of the past Diyawadana Nilemes, T.B.Nugawela. The display on the first floor consists of historical records from the time when the Tooth Relic was brought to Sri Lanka to the time of the British rule.

Lankatilake Temple






Lankatilake Temple is a 1.5km stroll along a path through the price paddies until you see the blue temple loom up on the left. It’s a Buddhist and Hindu temple with fine views of the countryside, featuring a buddha image, Kandy-period paintings, rock-face image, Kandy-period paintings, rock-face inscriptions and stone elephant figures.

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