Travel tips to Kandy

  1. Kandy is a mid climate atmosphere which is around 27o Celsius = 80.6o Fahrenheit
  2. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid suits or full covers ups
  3. Usually very casual wear is recommended
  4. Sri Lankan people are extremely friendly so safety is not a concern
  5. However, after 7 PM it is advisable to venture with a guide as the street signs etc can be confusing and you may get lost.
  6. Avoid eating open door vendor foods and also way carry a good water bottle around
  7. Traffic can be scary so you much stick to the usual cross over points when crossing the roads.
  8. As usual you get the occasional person wanting to sell something with a pester. A casual smile and a not will do
  9. If you take a 3 wheeler or a taxi it is customary to provide a tip – The minimum should be 100 RS (which is equal to 1 USD
  10. At the hotels the room boys or waiters doing special service may appreciate a tip. Again 100 RS. The common services like lunch serving and pool attendance does not require a tips.
  11. Kandy is very scenic so always take a good camera
  12. Leave the camera your personal belongings always within sight. Don’t leave them unattended
  13. Some places may require you to remove shoes for entry. Have a small bag so that you can put your shoes inside the bag and carry in
  14. Avoid eating and cut up fruits from vendors. If you really need to buy uncut fruits and ask the vendor to cut it in front of you
  15. Foods are in general very spicy – So advise the guide of any special requirements
  16. Public toilets are not in shape. So plan your day trip and advise the guide of any special requirements. You can walk into any hotel and use the toilet which is the best as in Kandy there are several good hotels around
  17. The Sun can be strong because of the altitude so advisable to take your sun glasses
  18. Monkey can be a real nuisance around certain areas so don’t feed them or pet them.
  19. Monkeys in Sri Lanka are safe and do not attack humans

  20. The trip from Colombo to Kandy taken approximately 3 hours (without considering stop overs). The roads can be winding and the driving a bit reckless. If you feel uncomfortable always tell the guide to drive slower
  21. Always wear the seat belts
  22. Elephants although admirable and trained are still animals and should be approached with caution and care
  23. If the elephants have a calf be more careful and keep a safe distance
  24. If you are planning a trip in July during the Perehare Season plan your trip six months ahead as the hotels get booked up fast
  25. Kandy is a considered a cultural and religious place so avoid wearing very revealing attire
  26. Some hotels also have monkey problems so always leave your doors locked up
  27. For travel timing don’t use the distance as guide as some place even 5 KMS can take 30 minutes because of the traffic. Best to avoid rush hours. You can check with the guide on timing
  28. As with any 3rd world country beggars can be seen all around. Advisable not to give any money but if you really need to help a maximum of 10 Rs will suffice 
  29. Your guide will appreciate a tip which can be given at the end of tour
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